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It's never too late to give something back to the world. Whether it's teaching children in Thailand, volunteering with something furry in Africa or learning a language in China, you can still do something life-changing with your holiday, sabbatical or career break. Apparently, the phrase we’re looking for is ‘gap year for grownups’ although personally, we just think that whoever you are, these experiences can only enhance your travels. Take a look at our volunteer abroad projects, TEFL courses and language courses to get some ideas for your next life-changing trip.

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Throughout your travels, you will inevitably come across people that warm your heart and experiences that humble you. While others move on, volunteering is a unique opportunity to live within a community and get under the skin of a country. The projects we support repay these communities for allowing us to pass through their beautiful backyards and enjoy their generous hospitality.

Volunteer Children Abroad


Teaching Children in Cambodia
2-8 weeks - Siem Reap - fr £569
Teach Children in South Africa
1-8 weeks - Cape Town - fr £609
Teach Children in Laos
2-12 weeks - Luang Prabang - fr £895
Work Abroad


Help children in Cape Town
1-12 weeks - South Africa - fr £335
Local Communities & Novice Buddhist Monks
2-12 weeks - Laos - fr £895
Volunteer Cuzco Kids
2-8 weeks - Peru - fr £519*price based on min 2 people 
Marine Conservation

Thailand Coast Marine Expedition
2-24 weeks - Phang Nga - fr £995
Seychelles Island Research & Conservation
29 days - Seychelles - fr £1,395
Mexico Marine Conservation Experience
4-12 weeks - Mexico - fr £1,795
Animal Conservation

Thai Elephant Conservation
1-8 weeks - Chiang Mai - fr £317
Tiger Trail Conservation
8 days - Malaysia - fr £380
Wildlife Conservation Programme
2-12 weeks - South Africa - fr £1,145

To speak to a travel expert about booking one of our life changing trips, call us on 0800 988 6884.


Working and learning on your holiday or career break could either make you groan at the thought of heading back into the classroom, or it will reignite that solem promise you made to yourself 20 years ago to learn a new language or skill. Either way, the following projects are exceptional ideas for your travels, we promise.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a globally recognised qualification that enables you to teach English overseas. Head off to far flung places, using all your skills and experience, to teach impressionable eager minds.

Plus - you can earn between £1,000 to £2,000 per month depending on the country you're teaching in.

The 120-Hour Online TEFL Course - fr £99 
- Study anywhere in the world
- Access your course from any device, anytime
- Receive intensive training to equip you with essential skills
- Expert tutor support with a 99% pass rate
- Gain an internationally accredited qualification
- Fit the course around you and your lifestyle

LEARN - learn a language abroad

Let's face it, as a nation we have a shocking reputation for languages. Aside from the practical benefits of being able to have an actual genuine exchange with someone speaking another language, learning a language abroad is an incredible way to immerse yourself in a new place, get to know it as a local and forge new friendships. It's never too late to learn, nor to dispel some national stereotypes!

We work with language schools around the world, offering varying degrees of duration, private and group tuition, competency levels, and accommodation from local homestays to school residences.

Learn Languages Around the Globe
- Spanish fr £135
- French fr £390
- Italian fr £345
- German fr £295
- Madarin fr £1,055
- Japanese fr £745

To speak with a travel expert about booking one of our life changing trips, call us on 0800 988 6884.

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